Electric Distribution and GIS Superheros Wanted

We currently have a need for both electric distribution engineers and GIS / graphical work design experts.

Distribution Engineers

We’re looking for experienced distribution engineers with a passion for technology. We currently have four spots for consultants to help North American and West African clients with GIS and graphical work design, ADMS, distribution automation, substation automation, and process reengineering projects. Qualified candidates will have:

  • 15+ years experience with distribution engineering and operations

  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  • Able to travel extensively

  • Minimum BS in engineering, MS+ is preferred.

GIS and Graphical Design Experts

Supporting the engineers we have a need for talented people who have 10+ years of experience with Esri, modeling electric distribution, Schneider ArcFM, Designer, and other graphical work design tools. Qualified candidates will have:

  • 10+ years experience with Esri GIS and associated tools/applications used by electric utilities

  • Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  • Able to travel extensively

  • Minimum BS in engineering or computer science, MS+ is preferred.

We’re really excited about the calibre of our team and the culture that we’ve created. Successful candidates will enjoy unparalleled flexibility in their work environment.

To apply, please email a cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect fit and a detailed resume to info@boreasgroup.us

GIS Data Acceptance Testing Lead

This GIS Data Acceptance Testing Lead will focus on data analysis, editing, testing GIS applications and supporting the day-to-day operations of the Electric GIS implementation in an electric distribution conpany. Position requires providing technical support to customers on Desktop and Web GIS application. Support utility GIS team, and providing training to the end users. Trouble shoot any issues with the data and applications, coordinate with IT team in resolving any issues. Enter issues using in SharePoint, HP ALM application, developing/running reports on the issues created to update management.

In summary, This GIS Data Acceptance Testing Lead will focus on GIS data analysis and perform data acceptance testing/Quality Assurance and Control on large volumes of GIS data for the Electric GIS teams.

Skills Required:

  • Experience with Esri ArcGIS, ArcGIS Pro, ArcFM (optional) products and Oracle database

  • Strong communication, analytical skills, problem solving skills, self-motivated and positive attitudes are essential for this role

  • Proven experience working in a team oriented environment is necessary

  • Preferred to have experience with Electric/Gas/Water Distribution Utility network data management.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and generate reports on data quality to the GIS Electric and Gas Teams

  • Manage an offsite team of data acceptance testers, gathering and proofing data quality analysis

  • Coordinate with the GIS Teams to ensure project deliverables are met on a timely basis

  • Five years experience with GIS and leadership of small, diverse teams

  • Have BS or MS in GIS, Electrical Engineering or related field.

Skills Required:

  • Experience with Esri ArcGIS, ArcFM(optional) products, Microsoft Excel, Sharepoint, Microsoft Project.

  • Strong communication, leadership skills, analytical skills, problem solving skills, time management, self-motivation and a positive attitude are essential for this role.

  • Proven experience working in a team oriented environment is necessary, coordinating with multiple departments and entities.


  • Experience with Electric/Gas/Water Distribution Utility network data management, database management experience.

In order to apply, please send a detailed resume to GISLead@boreasgroup.us, and a cover letter that indicates your availability to start.

The candidate will be engaged on a six month contract with permanent employment being mandatory following this probationary period if both parties decide to continue the relationship.

About Boreas Group

Boreas is a boutique consulting firm focused on electric utilities. We’re based in Denver and have been in business since 2001. http://www.boreasgroup.us

We're looking for Meter Data Management experts

We're looking for Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) expertise for an exciting two-year project in East Africa.  Specifically:

  • Functional experience in the implementation of numerous MDM systems
  • Knowledge of revenue cycle and operational processes related to utility metering and billing
  • Demonstrated success in process redesign, requirements and specification development, and configuration
  • Ability to create test plans and scripts
  • Experience with software development lifecycle
  • Excellent oral and written English
  • Masters in Engineering, Business Administration, or a relevant field
  • 5 to 10 years related work experience.

You'll be part of an elite team that is smart, motivated, and fun.  Should you be interested, please forward a detailed resume, and a one page description of why you think we'd like to work with you to mail @ BoreasGroup.us

Two great presentations: Funding Smart Cities/IoT and getting control of data for smart grid applications

Below are links to material that was presented in San Diego our very own Robert Sarfi and a couple of our clients.  We take thought leadership very seriously and encourage feedback on this material.

Data quality and its impact on grid modernization/advanced applications, presented with Thomas Mitchell: http://tinyurl.com/zp9rhbc

Guidance for funding smart cities and IoT initiatives, presented with John Simmins: http://tinyurl.com/gmfqcry

The perils of an "Internet" RFP

Recently we’ve received numerous calls from cooperatives and municipal utilities asking us to review a RFP that they’ve prepared.  In theory, this should be a straightforward exercise that can be performed over the phone in a time and cost efficient manner.  In all cases, the RFP has been prepared using samples found with the ever too familiar Google search. Unfortunately building a RFP isn’t as simple as cutting and pasting requirements that sound good and putting it into a new format, in particular in an environment where the technology is changing faster than ever before.

The systems utilities are procuring today should have a life expectancy of eight years, in the case of software solutions, to fifteen to twenty years in the case of AMI/Smart Meter solutions.  As a consequence, it’s really important to ensure that the solutions you purchase meet todays needs as well, as well as, future needs, e.g. you’re not buying for 2015 but rather 2025.  The first step of a “Good” RFP is crafting a conceptual solution that complements existing and future systems, and is aligned with strategic and immediate business benefits.  A RFP doesn’t need to be lengthy to be effective, it simply has to capture the differentiators that are important to you.

A solid RFP involves at a minimum the following components, tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • “Window frame” - positions what the solicitation is for, rules of engagement, and submission details 
  • Description of overall context – describes project overall, context, timing, legacy environment, vision, etc.
  • Vision – it’s really important to understand that the vendor wants to go where you want to go
  • Technical requirements – details of the technology platform, performance, etc.
  • Functional requirements – outlines what users are looking for, we like to include use cases
  • Project delivery requirements – when considering credible vendors that have an established track record the difference between success and failure is the delivery approach and the project team
  • Terms and conditions – this includes mitigating risk related to warranty, performance, acceptance, etc., in addition to the normal legalese
  • Price – total cost of ownership, without any hidden costs, internal and external, is of the paramount importance.

We aren't questioning the quality of the base RFP’s that people are finding on the internet.  They typically represent considerable effort on the part of the authors.  We believe that utilities should develop their specific solution that fits their goals and objectives, then procure software that they understand can actually deliver their dreams.  Too much money is at stake to follow a “me too” model.

If in doubt, we’d be glad to discuss how you can develop a RFP that can deliver traceable value and benefits.  Our guidance is only a phone call away.

Itron Utility Week - We'll be there!

We're looking forward to Itron's Utility Week held in Orlando October 16-18.  Robert Sarfi will be on a big picture panel, "Enhancing Value through Single Multiparty Networks" Monday from 1515 to 1630hrs.  This is a topic we're all very passionate about.  It's a direction strongly believe makes sense.  Robert assures us that he will have both insightful and provocative prespectives to share..